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Save bucks and have an early valentines weekend.

Celebrate Valentines this weekend when restaurants haven't put their 'deals' up!!? Also, places won't be full of love sick dafties that give yi the boak! 🤢😆🤢

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Here’s more details about Slimline. It's great if you can't get along to a class, work shifts, no babysitters or not got time! Doesn't matter where you live, it's all done from the comfort of your own

More classes to choose from!

Airdrie Service Club, Mondays from 5.45pm Baillieston/Tannochside/Uddingston, Black Bear Beefeater, Wednesdays from 6.30pm, chat 6.45pm Paisley Powerleague, Thursdays from 5.45pm

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Ellie Pepper
Ellie Pepper
Feb 06, 2019

Love your oversight of Valentines Meals - gie yi the boak!!!! I don't have anyone so that helps me heaps 😂😂

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