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A sad day x

Scottish Slimmers went into liquidation on Saturday.

I worked for 17 years with them and made friends for life through them.

In the last year however, many changes behind the scenes led me to where I am today and I would like to thank you for your support, allowing me to continue my journey in classes with my army of slimmers.

I’m very sorry for the Scottish Slimmers managers and members who will be facing disappointment, dismay and anger today, I have friends who although they thought it was coming are still devastated this day has come.

We’re lucky we’ve chosen the Lighter Weigh together and I will continue to provide the best of me I can in our futures together.

Thank you again for the support I’ve received from every one of you over the years, moving forward together, heads high, tummies in...

Thank you for choosing Lighter Weighs with Gillx

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