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The Lighter Weighs eating plan is packed with fantastic recipe ideas, from small meals and snacks to full-blown fakeaways. Choose from classic soups and pastas, fascinating new food ideas and entirely original recipes created by our class managers and members. There's also a load of free foods you can use to add flavour or just to bulk out your meals on those extra hun gry days.

Decide for yourself how you want to eat, one meal at a time, or follow a pre-made eating plan to help you through the busy or challenging weeks. We guarantee there's something in here for everyone. You'll find some examples of the free foods and recipes on this page, but there are plenty more to discover when you join your class. 

Thanksgiving Dinner

Beautiful breakfasts, sensational suppers or simply a tasty bite when you need it - here are some super snacks for up to 2 bucks.

Thanksgiving Dinner

We've created some easy-to-follow meals plans to help you get through your busy week. Take a look at an example...

Thanksgiving Dinner

Lunches, light meals, maybe just ideas for when you need to save a few bucks here and there. All simple, quick and very tasty!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our plan contains loads of free foods - these are just a few. You won't believe how many options you have!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Delicious dinners for everyone, including veggie options, fakeaways and interesting new ideas to try. Here are some of our favourites.


Our members can access a huge range of delicious recipe ideas, smart eating plans, and helpful hints and tips. Join them today!

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