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Day 31 Diary of a successful month’s weight loss wummin

I did it! Half a stone lost since my holiday four weeks ago! I was mumping around thinking, ‘I could’ve done better’ when I realised if it had been someone else I’d’ve been saying to them, ‘That’s brilliant! Exactly what you should be losing in a month!’ Still no happy though…want more. Always.

Why are we never happy? We lose 2 pounds, we wish it was 3, 3 pounds we wish it was 3 ½ ‘cause that would be a quarter of a stone, 7 pounds we wish it was 7 ½ then we could say we lost over half a stone!! Is it because we’re Scottish? We’re never happy unless we’re miserable? It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve been talking about positive mental attitude this week and about how we need to work at it. It doesn’t come naturally to me so I need to try hard to develop it. I’m not saying we need to skip about declaring the world is wonderful and a better place because we’re in it, we just need to start spotting the good things that happen all around us every day and cherish them. They do happen!!

I’ve asked folk this week to report back to me with things that have made them smile, feel loved, chuckle, laugh out loud or feel proud. Things you’ve accomplished. It might just be going to the supermarket, but that’s no mean feat in these times when you might not have been to the supermarket since March?! Getting up, having a shower and putting real clothes on can be a positive step for some…for me most days.

Sometimes we need a bit of help to feel positive about things, if this is you then you need to ask for it. I’m the worst at asking for help and I’m exactly that person that should. I deal with something not quite right in my head…people that know me will be saying, ‘You think!!?!’ at this point.

I didn’t realise that all the inadequacies’ I felt, sense of failure, feelings I annoyed folk (more than is usual!), over analysing ‘til it got exhausting was a form of depression, anxiety and it could be controlled. I got help, support, drugs but it doesn’t stop there, you have to help yourself too.

I’m really good at finding the positives in other people and their circumstance but I should be better at doing it for myself. We tend to look after, sort out, love, everyone else and their dog before we think about ourselves and that needs to change.

So, I’m going to ask you to do the same as I’ve asked others to do this week, it’s a challenge for you. Find something everyday that makes you smile, laugh, chuckle, feel good and tell me about it. You’ll find you start noticing great wee things more as you search for a positive event in your day. You’ll realise they are everywhere, happening all the time you just need to see them and appreciate them. I’ll give you a couple of examples to get you started…

  1. Go onto YouTube and search for Ashley Storrie’s (Janey Godley’s daughter) one woman Les Miserable 🤣

  2. Put, ‘countryfile calendar’ into your search engine and look at the photos. The subject was, ‘bright and beautiful,’ vote for your favourite or just tell me. My top three, the yoga duckling or Nut-Quacker, Autumn Rays and I Walk The Line and Wilderness Wanderer and Sunset Glow…go and look and you’ll understand! 💕

  3. Go out a walk, smile and say hello to everyone you meet. Some might not engage, their loss, most will smile back after they realise their zip isn’t down and they don’t have a bogey hanging from their nose and you’ll feel better too. I do this a lot, not because I’m a nice person, it’s because it makes me feel better making folk uncomfortable. 😉

Now it’s up to you. Go find a positive event in your day and report back. Use the chat function on the website or email me You can do it and if you’re struggling ask for help, I’m here, I can sort you out. Maybe you can return the help to help me sort myself out, a symbiotic relationship if I remember rightly. ❤😘❤

Gill Duncan | Director | Owner | Lighter Weighs

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