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Diary of a wimpy wummin. 🍔 (I prefer Burger King chips and a Big Mac though.)

Day 1

Weighed in this morning at 14 stones.

I’m the heaviest I’ve been in my life.

Breakfast was a burger from last nights bbq, no bun.

I’ve had the best time eating and drinking in lockdown but it can’t go on any longer.

Didn’t think I looked too big but just seen a couple of photos from last week I really want to delete. I also caught my reflection in a shop window and didn’t like what I saw. No window shopping in lockdown has hidden the spread til recently.

Of course I knew it was happening, my clothes didn’t lie, so I bought new clothes.

Today’s not the best day to start but neither will tomorrow be...or the day after that.

Didn’t finish today very well, fish supper and half bottle of wine but did do my 10000 steps.

Good meals planned for the week so onward and downward.

Wish me luck. X

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