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Lose half a stone before August. x

Hi, how are you? Long time no see!

Unprecedented times have been affecting us all in very different ways, me included!!

Who knew we’d still be in lockdown now, not me, so I’ve been providing a different type of service for my members and friends.

Lockdown has encouraged me to learn different ways of staying in touch with family and friends and ‘Zoom!’ has proved great for groups of us getting together.

I have been running a virtual weigh in for members since lockdown and I’ve been doing ‘Live at Five’ facebook broadcast on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays but I feel it’s time to get back some structure to our weigh in weeks and availability out to more members.

I am therefore offering a four week block of ‘Zoom!’ meetings to members that want the class experience but are unable to attend classes just now.

The class will consist of a 5 minute welcome and wave session for up to 8 members! We’ll make sure everyone is hearing and seeing what they need and use this time to catch up with other members.

The ‘chat’ is accompanied with a power point presentation by me and after that we have a question and answer session.

There is no pressure to ask anything and weight losses will not be given by me in front of anyone else, confidentiality all the way.

Once everything has been discussed, we leave the meeting and my ‘Zoomies’ will all receive the recipe of the week by email.

This is a more informative and motivational based meeting and there will be a small charge of £12 for the four week block.

Once paid you’ll be sent the weekly sign in details for your meeting and its up to you to get there, just like classes!!

If this is something you’re interested in just reply to this email and I can send you further details.

I really hope I see you very soon, Gillx

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