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New restrictions.

If your manager isn’t able to provide zoom for you in January, feel free to get in touch xxx As a result of this afternoon's news, Zoom will be the only way I can help motivate, educate and keep you focused until the end of January.

Don't be scared of Zooming, be scared of not Zooming!

Monday 6.15pm **FULL**

Monday 6.45pm **FULL**

Tuesday 10.30am 3 spaces left

Tuesday 6.45pm **FULL**

Tuesday 7.15pm 2 left

Wednesday 10.30am 1 left

Wednesday 6.45pm **FULL**

Wednesday 7.15pm 3 spaces left

Thursday 9.45am **FULL**

Thursday 10.15am 1 left

**NEW GROUP** Thurs 6.00pm 6 spaces left

Saturday 10.00am **FULL**

**NEW GROUP** Saturday 10.30am 8 spaces

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