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Online for your pleasure!!

Basic and simple is my mantra!

Online is up and running, be patient with me please.

This branch of Lighter Weighs will develop with your help and input, designed by members for members.

You'll receive support and encouragement from me and your fellow online friends.

A class posted each week and one to one weigh ins either on the forum or privately messaged.

Does this sound like something that might suit you as a form of weight loss or as a support to classes?

Cost is £20 for the start up pack and £20 a month so an initial £40 will get you going.

What are you waiting for...🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅?

You could be at least 7 pounds lighter by the end of this year if you start now.

Email me at for details of how to pay and get started.

Let's do this together either face to face or virtually!

Much love, Gillx

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