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Weigh out west with Carol!

Join Carol in Largs on a Tuesday morning in the AD Cameron Centre, 17-19 Lade St, Largs. 10am weigh-in, chat 10.30, weigh-in till 11am You’ll experience the smoothest transition from SS to Lighter Weighs. Any ex SS members will get free registration and SS passes bought in March entitle you to four weeks paying just £1.50 for weigh in. Please like and share, Fankoo xxx

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More classes to choose from!

Airdrie Service Club, Mondays from 5.45pm Baillieston/Tannochside/Uddingston, Black Bear Beefeater, Wednesdays from 6.30pm, chat 6.45pm Paisley Powerleague, Thursdays from 5.45pm


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